Keep Fit, Lose Weight and Build Muscles

Lying Leg Hip Raise

Lie supine on bench.
Grasp sides of bench for support.

Raise legs by flexing hips while flexing knees until hips are fully flexed.
Continue to raise knees toward shoulders by flexing waist, raising hips from board.
Return until waist, hips and knees are extended.

Sit Ups

- Hook feet under support and lie supine on bench with hips bent.
- Cross hands in front.

- Flex waist to raise upper torso from bench.
- Raise torso up as high as possible.
- Return until back of shoulders touches the board.
- Repeat.

Vertical Leg-Hip Raise

-Stand between parallel bars and grip bar on each side with overhand grip.
-Lift body off floor and balance body upright with arms straight.

-Raise legs by flexing hips until fully flexed.
-Continue to raise feet toward bar by flexing waist.
-Return until waist and hips are extended downward.

Movement can be made easier by performing exercise with bent knees.

Waist Movement Trainer

-Step on to the disc with your right foot.
-Engage your core muscles as you step your left foot onto the disc close to your right foot.

-With control, rotate through your core, moving your hips and knees to the left.
-Your upper body will rotate slightly to the right.
-Come back through center with a slow and controlled motion, then rotate your hips and knees to the right.
-Your upper body will move slightly to the left.
-Rotate a little farther to each side with every repetition.
-Breathe in a slow and controlled manner.

About MUGA

MUGA is a Community based Fun and Fitness movement created by the Mauritius Telecom Foundation. Its mission is to promote healthy living through physical activity and education for all segments of the population. MUGA aims to achieve its objective by creating sustainable infrastructure, promoting activities through the use of technology and leveraging on the active collaboration of the government, local authorities and community.