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Practical tips to help you reach your health goals

Research in behavioural psychology shows that people who tell themselves they are healthy and active tend to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.  Positive motivational self-talk has indeed beneficial effects on performance and health.

motivational self-talk

Most inactive people know that having a healthy lifestyle is important to their health but still do not act. Starting with positive affirmation using self-talk can trigger positive response and motivation as self-reminders to participate in activities that will enhance fitness. Self-talk is the basis of self-leadership, which can be described as the ‘process of influencing oneself’ as opposed to the influence of leaders over followers. Constructive thought management through self-talk can lead to enhanced individual and organizational performance which can be beneficial for the individual and his environment.

Elite gymnasts who were qualified for the Olympic team reported that they used self-talk significantly more in training and competition than non-qualified athletes. 

So if you are inactive but want to get fit, start by stating positive affirmations like:

- I will be in the best shape of my life.

- I am determined.

- I believe in myself.

- I will succeed

Downloading the MUGA app can be an excellent first step to your fitness adventure.

MUGA also has live video; watching people exercise will make you want to exercise too. 

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About MUGA

MUGA is a Community based Fun and Fitness movement created by the Mauritius Telecom Foundation. Its mission is to promote healthy living through physical activity and education for all segments of the population. MUGA aims to achieve its objective by creating sustainable infrastructure, promoting activities through the use of technology and leveraging on the active collaboration of the government, local authorities and community.