Health Tips

Practical tips to help you reach your health goals

Do you want to:

 - improve your appearance?

- develop physical skills?

- build endurance, flexibility or strength?

- lose weight?

Make sure the activities that you pick specifically meet the fitness goal you want.

With fitness goal setting, it is important not to undermine yourself with goals that are too long-term or impossible to attain.

For example; “I want to lose all my extra weight before summer” is too unrealistic; particularly if you have a great deal of weight to lose and summer is 3 months away.

Too often fitness goal setting is an end result of whatever program we choose, and not a part of it. You have to make goals an active part of your life by creating goals that lead to the next goal.

For instance, fitness goal setting in order to lose 10 pounds puts the goal at the end without putting too much pressure on you right away. You can add to this goal once it is achieved and so on.

Setting a goal to join a gym and attend it three times a week makes the weight loss goal a part of the program.

You will have set a goal that is achievable almost immediately. This gives you a sense of accomplishment, which is an incentive to setting and achieving the next one in your fitness goal setting.

Keep a Record

Write your goals down so you have something to look forward to as well as back on. To begin, map out no more than eight weeks of activities towards your first fitness goal.

You can begin by asking yourself these questions:

1. What is my current exercise goal this month or do I even have one?

2. What gets in my way when starting or continuing a balanced health maintenance program?

3. What is my target weight and my plan and time frame to get there?

4. How can I improve in getting more sleep?

5. What is my ideal overall appearance?

6. Would a personal trainer help me develop and reach my fitness goal setting more effectively and can I afford one?

7. Of the meals I eat each month, how can I eat healthier, and what can I change in order to eat healthier without getting bored?

8. What books and classes can I take to improve upon my health?

9. Is it time for me to go in for a complete physical and when the last one was that I had?

10. How can I reduce or completely eliminate alcohol, chemical dependencies and/or smoking in my body?

11.How can I cook in a healthier manner?

12. How can I improve my current heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol count?

You have to be honest with yourself at all times when it comes to fitness goal setting. You should also consult a doctor and a professional trainer before making any changes to your diet or exercise regimen to ensure that you will not harm yourself. Then, get started.

Goal Setting Efficacy

- A meta-analysis on 36 studies demonstrate goal setting in sports and exercise can improve performance (Kyllo & Landers 1995).

- Females who set goals or who were assigned goals by their instructor made greater strength gains than compared to a control group (Boyce 1994).

- Behavioral goals improve performance quicker than outcome goals (Kingston & Hardy 1997).

- Over-emphasis of outcome goals may create anxiety and reduce performance (Filby 1999)

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About MUGA

MUGA is a Community based Fun and Fitness movement created by the Mauritius Telecom Foundation. Its mission is to promote healthy living through physical activity and education for all segments of the population. MUGA aims to achieve its objective by creating sustainable infrastructure, promoting activities through the use of technology and leveraging on the active collaboration of the government, local authorities and community.